The Audience goes wild and dances on the catwalk at the Hellavagirl show. The acrobatic dancers that opened the show to the “Human Meat Freaks” really pulled in the audiences attention for what was about to come.

The no “Fucks” giving designer that is breaking the mold in fashion, introduces us to a snippet of menswear, genderless fashion and tulip dress the graces the catwalk as each model owns each look. Not only does Helen Woollams, the brainchild behind the brand Hellavagirl creates stunning Couture pieces, but also wearable pieces bringing in an attitude of rock, sex and awesomeness. This designer is well becoming known for her work, and with each season she grows but keeps her statement style of her handcrafted designs, full of sparkle from the sequins, huge shoulder pads, and oversized capes.

Inspired by a love of flesh, fetish and guilty pleasures, genderless extravagance it’s clear to see why her following has grown into a cult.-Rion Magazine 2017

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